Computer Repair

24/7 Tech Support – A Tech Team You Can Rely On!

As a leader in 24/7 tech support services, we’re prepared to meet your every I.T. need. No matter your industry, your problem areas, or your specific corporate priorities, I.T. help has never been easier.


Is your computer broken, or won’t start? Are you looking to get the best performance out of your current computer? No worries, just give DCS a call or schedule a check-up online. Our repair experts at DCS will diagnose what’s wrong and make all necessary repairs.

Data Recovery

It’s scary to think important computer files and photos are just gone. We know how you’re feeling and are here to help. Schedule a check-up online and we’ll get to work recovering your data.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer programs running slowly? Seeing unwanted ads and pop-up windows? Your device may be infected with viruses or spyware. We have the expertise to get things running cleanly again.

Keep Your Computer Running Like New.

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