Online Backup

Fast, Reliable Data Protection Without the Cost or Complexity.

Today’s complex infrastructures and targeted cyber-attacks require a complete backup strategy that protects data wherever it resides— on‑premises or in the cloud. Simple to configure and manage, DCS Backup is truly a “set it and forget it” solution for total peace of mind.

Ransomware protection—without paying the ransom!

Don’t let criminals hold your data hostage. With DCS Backup, recovering your data is as simple as eliminating the malware, deleting the criminally encrypted files, and restoring a good copy of your valuable data.

Recover data fast.

Get your systems restored and running quickly from physical appliances, virtual servers, offsite locations, or the cloud.

Protect hybrid physical, virtual, and SaaS environments.
Today’s IT environments combine physical servers, virtual servers and public cloud data which all need full protection. Important data also resides in mail servers which may have limited retention policies. DCS Backup protects your data no matter where it is located.

Protect Data Wherever It Resides.

User error, malicious deletion, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks can all threaten your business. DCS Backup protects data wherever it resides.

Backed up data is stored off-site in a secure datacenter located in the City of Philadelphia, and replicated further to Harrisburg. This distance allows for total data protection in case of a large-scale disaster.

Recover Data Fast from Any Device

Backing up your data is only part of the story. DCS Backup makes it simple to recover to a snapshot in time or just recover a set of affected files. We support physical and virtual restores, so you can recover data from anywhere.

If your primary storage is lost or no longer available, you can easily access your data stored in DCS Backup and even spin up a virtual machine in minutes with a complete set of your data. DCS Backup provides fast and easy recovery for on-premises VMware environments. Virtual Boot allows you to boot VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) in the DCS Backup Cloud for testing and file-based recovery.


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    Easy to Deploy—Even Easier to Manage

    Simple & Flexible Deployment Options

    DCS Backup offers different physical and virtual options. Choose what works best for your environment:

    • DCS Backup Appliance. Purpose built physical backup appliance for onsite data protection.
    • DCS Backup Cloud to Cloud. Backup your Microsoft Office 365 environment including emails, attachments, calendars, contacts and tasks as well as OneDrive and SharePoint Online and set your own retention policies.
    • DCS Backup Virtual Backup. Get all the advantage of DCS Backup on your own equipment.

    DCS: Your Trusted Partner in Cyber-Security

    When choosing a data protection solution, it pays to look beyond the hardware and software to the company that stands behind the product. DCS Backup is one of the leading providers of cloud-based data protection. In fact, many companies trust DCS Backup to protect their data and networks.

    Effective data protection requires more than just a good backup system, and DCS Backup is more than just a data backup company. All products are supported by our award-winning 24×7 technical support staffed by in-house engineers with no phone trees.